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Wednesday, October 12th 2016

The Webcare Company Reforms to Focus on Social Media as 21st Century’s Dominant Customer Service and Sales Channel

A consortium of investors has acquired the social customer engagement business of CX Company. The acquisition, which includes the company’s Amsterdam-based Digital Customer Engagement Centre, creates a new company that’s 100% focused on providing social customer engagement services to national and international clients, as social media strengthens its position as the No.1 channel of choice for the millennium generation.

The consortium is led by Tobias Walraven and Ludo Raedts, who will head up a management team that remains otherwise unchanged except for the appointment of a new Finance Manager. Walraven, who was a non-executive director of CX Company from 2008 to 2015, becomes Managing Director. He is the former entrepreneurial owner of SNT, which became the Netherlands’ largest customer management outsourcing business. Raedts, who led CX Company’s social customer engagement business for several years, becomes Business Development Director.

The new business will operate as The Webcare Company, a brand that is familiar to many because it is the name of the social engagement consultancy co-founded by Ludo Raedts in 2010, which merged with SelfService Company in 2012 to create CX Company. “We have come a long way in the last four years, adding social customer engagement outsourcing plus insight and analysis services to our original operational consultancy offer,” says Ludo Raedts. “Reformed and with a re-stated focus on social media, we will invest to extend that portfolio even further and to expand internationally.”

The Webcare Company will continue to combine technology with operational expertise and social customer journey design to create highly effective social customer operations, either within clients’ own organisations or outsourced to itself. Tobias Walraven says the company will invest to develop ‘Discovery Lab’ capabilities within its Amsterdam Engagement Centre where it will design and test new social service and sales approaches for its clients. At the same time it will establish new outsourcing operations in local and near shore locations to deliver those services at scale. “76% of organisations now use social media for customer service and sales – up from just 52% in 2015,” says Tobias. “Social media is now a mainstream customer channel and organisations need outsourcing operations that can manage interactions cost effectively and at scale. The Webcare Company, with its long track record, experience with large international clients and seasoned entrepreneurial leadership is the company to provide them.”

"We will invest to extend the portfolio even further and to expand internationally"

The Webcare Company and CX Company will continue to collaborate to support shared clients. Jaap van Gent, Chief Commercial Officer and cofounder of CX Company, will become a non-executive director of The Webcare Company, in which CX Company retains a 10% share. “We operate in highly complementary market areas and will continue to collaborate,” says Tobias Walraven. “By separating we have created two highly focused businesses with appropriate expertise and business models to realise their full potential.” 

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About The Webcare Company

The Webcare Company is a pioneer in high-performance social customer engagement. Combining technology with operational expertise and social customer journey design, we work with international clients to create highly effective social customer operations either within our clients’ own organisations or outsourced to our own Amsterdam-based Social Customer Engagement Centre. Through a portfolio of partnerships with leading players in the social space, we provide access to a comprehensive range of social technologies including the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Our clients include leading brands such as KLM, Philips, Volvo, Rabobank and PostNL.

Our services

Services we provide

When you work with The Webcare Company, you have a choice:  Work with us to design, build and optimise your own social customer engagement operation or outsource your requirements to us. Either way, you can be confident those operations will scale efficiently, keep pace with growing interaction volumes and deliver the connected customer experience your customers demand.

Outsourced & Cosourced Social Engagement

Our Digital Customer Engagement Centre operates 24/7/365, supports multiple languages and manages over 50,000 social interactions a month for international clients.

While other outsourcers have taken processes designed for voice and modified them, we’ve started from scratch, designing operational practices and processes centred on social.

Social service:  Our agents are your customers’ first point of contact on social to get questions answered and issues resolved. We deliver industry leading response times and ensure those responses are creative, relevant and a source of delight.

Social sales:  Social channels are rapidly being adopted as shopping spaces by your customers.  Our agents are expert in sales so, whether you want us to generate leads or close sales, we’ll move quickly to secure a buying decision.

Social brands:  We’ll work with you to extend brand reach, value and positive sentiment across social channels. By engaging with consumers in ways they value, we’ll grow your fan base and turn fans into ambassadors.

Building Social Operations

We’ll help you create a high performance social customer operation for your business; an operation that can manage social interactions at scale and deliver business value on both sides of the balance sheet. To do that we provide:

Technology: Through partnerships with leading vendors, including Salesforce, we’re able to design, integrate and implement the ideal technology environment for your social operation.

Professional services: We’ll advise on the technology you need and work with you to implement it successfully.  Implementation includes seamless integration with your CRM and business systems as well as training for your people.

Operational consultancy: We’ll help you build a social operation from scratch or maximise the performance of one you already have.  We’ll design the ideal operating model to deliver your social engagement strategy, and provide expert support to bring it into being.

Social insight services: We take data from social interactions and translate it into actionable insights that boost customer engagement and social business. We use these insights to create powerful customer journeys that encourage deeper levels of customer engagement and open up new revenue opportunities.